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These are just a few of the many laundromat questions we encounter on a daily basis at the Escondido Laundromat: Change is Good Laundromat.

If your question(s) that are not addressed below please feel free to either call us at (760) 205-1258 or simply email us at – changeisgoodlaundry@gmail.com

Thank you for your patronage.

What time is the last wash?

⦁ The last wash is to be started no later than 10:00 PM every day. Change is Good Laundromat closes promptly at 11:00 PM, so we want to ensure you have enough time to run your last wash load and transfer your items to a dryer, plus enough time to fold your items.

What credit cards do your machines accept?

⦁ Our state of the art washing machines accept only quarters as per popular demand. You can use credit cards for Wash and Fold Services

How does the Wash and Fold Service work?

⦁ Bring your laundry into the store and we will weigh it. You are charged per pound, notwithstanding any personal preferences like added bleach or softener etc. Also items such as comforters, tablecloths, blankets, pillows, etc., all have set prices on a per item basis. Please call for more information on pricing or simply ask one of our friendly Laundromat attendants.

My comforter care tag says “dry clean only” can your Laundromat still wash it?

⦁ Yes! Many of the comforters we clean have the same care tag and we wash/dry it with no problems. However, given the nature of the care tag, we cannot and do not assume responsibility for any damage to “dry clean only” items.

How much laundry can I put in each washer?

⦁ We recommend at the Ricmond Laundromat you fill each washer up to about 75% of its capacity. This will allow your clothing to be properly agitated, ensuring the best wash possible!

How much laundry do I put in each Dryer?

⦁ We recommend at the Richmond Laundromat you fill each dry up to about 50% of its capacity. The more space you have for hot air to circulate, the faster your clothing will dry!

Do I need to prepare my laundry or sort it ahead of time?

No if you are using our wash and fold service we will sort, wash, dry, fold, and package your laundry. Be sure to inform the attendant of any special processing items or requests (Delicate wash, sanitizing wash, stain treatment, bleach, softener, air-dry, etc.)

Are my clothes washed with other people’s clothes?

⦁ NO we do not combine laundry, each bag is processed by itself, and we will never clean your clothes with another customer’s clothing.

What happens if I accidentally leave personal items in my pockets?

⦁ We ask that you ensure all items have been removed from your pockets prior to pick-up. In the event that we do find items in your pockets, we’ll return them inside a sealed bag along with your laundry.

What happens if I lose laundry items in the Laundromat?

⦁ We regret that we are unable to reimburse customers for missing items that we cannot verify. However, please contact us if you cannot find an article of clothing, and we will speak to the attendant who processed your order. Additionally, we can also check our video security and look through our lost and found too.

Do you offer discounts?

⦁ Absolutely. Every customer who leaves us an honest review on Google or Yelp receives first 3 pounds of Fluff and Fold service for FREE.


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